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DOON WOOD john gordon.
stewart lamont.
035 a small wood on the estate of lady heron maxwell of kirroughtree conatsting chiefly ofhazel underwood & thorny
GOUT WELL w. skimming.
will.dill esq.
peter davie esq.
035 a small spring well situated in doon wood and deer park of kirroughtree, in former times it was much reported to be incredulous on the first day of may for the purpose of being cured of the gout & by washing or drinking of the water it is still well known by this name.

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hereabout is a well called the gout well of larg of which they tell this story how a piper stole away the offering left at the well.
offerings are some inconsiderable thing which the country people used to leave at wells when they come making use of them, towards any cures but when he was drinking of ale which he intended to pay with the money he had formerly taken away (from)the gout (well)as they say siezes on him of which hecould not be cured but at the well having first restored to it the money which he had formerly(taken)
simpsons descr of galloway 1684.

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