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Wellees Rig
Welltrees Rig
William Ferguson
Samuel McLelland Esqr.
Ainslie's Map revd. [revised] 1819
030 [Situation] About one mile NW by W [North West by West] of Loch Skerrow
A tolerable Sized hill of a Ridge like shape on the farm of Calreoch the surface of which is rocky heathy pasture. On it is a Trigl. [Trigonometrical] Station Called by Trigl. [Trigonometrical Party "Culrech N [North]. This hill takes its name from a portion of land at its Northern Base Called Wellees.
LITTLE WATER OF FLEET Little Water of Fleet
Little Water of Fleet
Little Water of Fleet
John Brown Esqr.
Samuel McLelland Easqr
Ainsly's Map revd. [revised] 1819
030 [Situation] Running in a Southerly direction passing near the East Side of Dunharberry
A Burn or Small river running out of Loch Fleet in a South Easterly direction and receiving several small tributaries in its Course to its influx with the Big Water of Fleet about 2 1/2 miles North of Gate house. Its a boundary betwixt the farms of Culreoch & Morrowton.

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20 Wellees Rig
20 Little Water of Fleet

[Note] Welley, Wallee, That part of a quagmire in which
there is a Spring. Jamesons Scottish Dictionay

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