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BLOOD MOSS Blood Moss William Folds Clatteringshaws via New Galloway
Andrew Rennie Round fell
030 A considerable tract of moss on the farms of of Kitterick and Roundfell. it is said to derive its name from a shepherd who was murdered in it by a neighbouring herd, a rude granite stone (with no inscription) points at the spot, where he is interred, I have also heard that the farmer used to drive the cattle into it. to bleed them that this circumstance gave rise to the name, but the farmer (from the fact of the grave being in it) is most probable

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List of Names collected by 2nd Corpl. [Second Corporal] John Mechan RS&M [Royal Sappers & Miners]
Plan 30 A Trace1
Parishes of Girthon and Minnigaff

Blood Moss - A Moss

1st Novr [November] 1848
John Mechan
2nd Corpl. RS&M [Second Corporal Royal Sappers & Miners]
W Driscoll Gosset
Lt R. Engs [Lieutenant Royal Engineers]
Novr. [November] 1 1848

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