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Cargen House cargen House
Cargen House
James Wales
Thomas Goldie
James Smith Farmer Nethertown Dumfries
Ainslie's Map 1820
Valuation Roll 1819
Mr Forsythe, Factor for the Estate
Valuation Roll Ancient
Mr Joseph Welsh Provost
H.H. Dudgeon Esq.
Mr J Clarke Surveyor
027 [Situation] About 17/8 Miles S.S.W.[South South West] of Troqueer Church. A gentleman's Mansion and out houses, built about 100 years ago by the Grandfather of the present proprietor. He has a large garden and a small portion of ornamental ground attached. The property of William Stothart Esq. It is situate about 3 miles from Dumfries on the New Abbey Road Side, Occupied by T. Graham Esq.
FLATTS OF CARGEN Flatts of Cargen
Flatts of Cargen
Flatts of Cargen
Flatts of Cargen
Thomas Goldie
James Smith Farmer netherton Dumfries
Ainslie's map 1820
Thomas Thorburn Esq.
Mr Joseph Welsh
Mr McGowan
027 [Situation] 2/4 Miles S.[South by W.[West] of Troqueer Church. A good farm house and out houses all in good repair with a farm of land attached Occupied by Miss Sproat. The property of William Stothart Esq. A short distance from the house in a southerly direction is a Trig [Trigonometrical] Station called by Trig [Trigonometrical] Party " Green Moss"

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