List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Picts Knowe
Picts Knowe
Picts Knowe
Mr Wilson
John Dickson
Mr Joseph Welsh Provost
Mr McGowan
027 [Situation] Nearly 3/4 Miles S.[South] of Townfoot of Carruchan. An ancient moat on the lands of Maybie. Situate in the centre of a small moss a short distance to the South of Jardan's Well
ST JARDAN'S WELL St. Jardan's Well
St Jardan's Well
St. Jeromes Well
St. Guerdon's Well
St. Querdon's Well
Mr. Wilson
John Dickson
Ainslie's Map 1820
Thomas Thorburn Esq.
Statistical Account 1845
027 [Situation] 5/8 Mile S. [South] of Townfoot of carruchan farm house. A good spring well on the farm of Barbush. It is still resorted to by the supperstitious. Situate about 11 chains East of Picts Knowe. It was formerly very much resorted to from a superstitious belief in its miraculous effects curing diseases
Dalbeattie Trust Dalbeattie Trust List of trust Roads Passing in a N.E. [North East] and S.W.[South West] direction through the Parish of Troqueer See Name Book Plan 27C

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