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MOAT OF TROQUEER Moat of Troqueer
Moat of Troqueer
Troqueer Moat
Moat of Troqueer
Moat of Troqueer
Rev Mr McFarlane
Thomas Thorburn Esquire
Ainslie's Map 1782
Mr Joseph Welsh Provost
Mr McGowan Architect
027 An ancient moat the top of which is much levelled and made flat on which is a well cultivated garden chiefly in a flower garden belonging to the house called Moat of Troqueer
Moat Well
Mrs Richardson Banks Cottage
Mr Clarke Maxwelltown
027 A good spring well on the lands of the Moat of Troqueer

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Parish of Troqueer Page 25.Close by the manse and directly opposite to the spot, on the other side of the river where Cummins Castle formerly stood is a moat of a circular form and considerable height, where according to oral tradition the Kings of Scotland, or their vassal chiefs who were entrusted with the Keeping of it used to hang offenders and the most daring of their captives taken in battle or in acts of pillage and robbery. The more probable conjecture is that it was one of the circular mounds where the baron or judge of the district held courts of justice in the open air. See Statistical Account of Kirkcudbright 1845 Page 227

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