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Rough Craig
James Wilson
John Seaton
003 [Situation] About 1/2 Mile N.[North] of Lorg
A large hanging rock on the South Side of Lorg Hill, it has a very rough appearance hence the name.
James Wilson
John Seaton
003 [Situation] 3/4 Miles N.E.[North East] of Lorg.
A Small hill on the East side of Lorg Hill. its surface is rough pasture interspersed with rocks
PULLOSH SIKE Pullosh Sykes
Pullosh Sykes
James Wilson
John Seaton
003 [Situation] Running N.E. [North East] to their junctions with Polvaddoch Burn & about 1 mile NE by N.[North East by North] of Lorg.
Three small streams having their rise betwixt Low Black Hill and Bennan and running in an Easterly direction to their confluence with Polvaddock Burn
Sykes means rills or streams in Scotch dialect.

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[Name] Beannan, dim.[diminutive] of Beann
a small hill

[Name]Sike, Syik, Syke, A rill
A marshy bottom with a small stream in it.
Jamieson's Dictionary

A note " Conected to Sike, this being the orthography adopted for the word.

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