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WHIG'S HOLE Whigs' Hole
Whigs' Hole
Whig Hole
James Wilson
John Seaton
Stat. Acct.[Statistical Account] 1845
Sinclair's Stat.Acct.[Statistical Account] vol.[volume] 13 P.[Page] 59.
003 [Situation] 1/2 Mile S.S.E [South South East] of Lorg
A small hollow or trench on Altry Hill where it is said that the Whigs or Cameronians, (as they are usually styled) frequently made use of during the time of the persecution in Scotland both as a place of refuge and of observation, hence the name "Whigs Hole"
Small Burn
James Wilson
John Seaton
003 [Situation] Running S.W.[South West] to its junction with Altry Burn about 3/4 mile S. by E. [South by East] of Lorg. (farm house)
A small stream having its rise on the farm of Altry and running in a S. [South] Westerly direction to its Confluence with the Alltry Burn.

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[Note] In the farm of Altrye, near the top of a hill
there is a trench which Seems to have been dug,
Capable of Containing 100 people. A person concealed in this
trench can See to a considerable distance, without being observed;
and the Whigs or the Cameronians as they are usually styled
are said to have frequently made use of it during the time of
the persecution in Scotland, both as a place of refuge & of observation.
Hence it obtained the name of the Whig Hole which it bears to this day.
Stat. Acct.[Statistical Account] of Kirkcudbrightshire
Page 371,

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