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Lochrennie Glen
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John McLellan
William Grierson
010 [Situation] 1 1/2 mile E by S [East by South] of Knocksting Loch

A rugged precipitous Glen or ravine on the farm of Lochrennie (hence the name) and situated on the boundary line betwixt the Shires of Kirkcudbright & Dumfries.
POINTFOOT (Ruins of) Pointfoot (in ruins)
Pointfoot (in ruins)
John McLellan
William Grierson
010 [Situation] About 1 1/8 mile East of Knocksting Loch

The ruins of a farm house with about 250 acres of land attached The property of __ Forbes Esqr.
Pointfoot Glen
John McLellan
William Grierson
010 [Situation] About 1 mile E. [East] of Knocksting Loch

A small Glen or ravine on the farms of Lochrennie and Pointfoot It is thickly studded with wood consisting of Oak. Ash. & Fir trees.

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Parish of Dalry

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Lochrennie Glen
[Name] Loch raineaich. The lake
of the ferns.

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