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Glenhowl Glen
William Alexander Esqr. Thomas McKie 009 [Situation] 20 chains N.W. [North West] of Glenhowl

An extensive Glen on the Water of Ken, extending from that point where the Ken receives the Water of Deugh in a Northerly direction to a place called College Glen, It presents a very romantic and picturesque appearance, its sides in many places being lofty precipices overhanging the river, and in other places clothed with wood to the water's edge. During the period of the Scottish persecution in the 17 Century, this Glen afforded some favourite hiding places, or coverts to the persecuted presbyterians from the fury of Grahame of Claverhouse &c.

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Parish of Dalry

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Glenhowl Glen
[Name] Gleann thuile. The valley of the floods
* note This place is likely liable to floods being situated near the Water of Ken

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