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ARNDARROCH (Ruins of) Arndarroch (in ruins)
Arndarroch (in ruins)
William Alexander
James Mitchell
009 [Situation] About 3/4 Mile N.N.E [North North East] of Glenhowl

The ruins of the Original farm house of Arndarroch, situated on the Eastern bank of the "Water of Ken" about 25 chains S. [South] West of the present farm house.
DEIL'S WASHING TUB Deil's Washing Tub
Deil's Washing Tub
William Alexander James Mitchell 009 [Situation] 30 chains N. by E. [North by East] of Glenhowl

A deep pool in the Black Water and situated a short distance East of the "Water of Ken" its land sides consists of high precipices which gives it a remarkable dark and gloomy appearance which possibly gave rise to the name

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