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Marlinn Pool
David McCormock
Alexander Kirk
009 [Situation] About 1 mile S. [South] of Glenhowl
A considerable deep pool on the Water of Ken, and situated at the influx of Cleugh Burn with the Ken.
OWLET KNOWE Howlet Knowe
Howlet Knowe
Owlet Knowe
Owlet Knowe
Owlet Knoew
John Coltart
William Dalgleish
Alexander McGill
Robert Dalgleish
Robert McAdam
009 [Situation] 1 1/8 Mile S. by W. [South by West] of Glenhowl

A small eminence or knoll on the farm of Strangassel, situated about 30 chains S. [South] East of Upper Strangassel.

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Marlinn Pool
[Name] Marbh linne A still deep pool

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