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CARSE OF DUNDEUGH Carse of Dundeugh
Carse of Dundeugh
Alexander Kirk
David McCormock
009 [Situation] About 30 chains W. [West} of Glenhowl
A considerable tract of low lying land on the farm of Dundeugh (hence the name) and situated close on the East side of the "Water of Deugh".
Carse Pool
David McCormock
Alexander Kirk
009 [Situation] 1/2 Mile W. of Glenhowl

A deep pool in the Water of Deugh, and situated close on the West side of the Carse of Dundeugh. hence the name.
WATER OF DEUGH Water of Deugh
Water of Deugh
Water of Deugh
Water of Deugh
Deugh Water
Alexander Kirk
William Gilchrist
James Sloan
William McCrae
Ainslies Map. 1820
[Situation] Running Southerly to its conflux with the Water of Ken

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