Kirkcudbrightshire, Volume 141

Page List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks Continued entries/extra info Transcriber's notes
OS1/20/141/2 2 A blank page.
OS1/20/141/3 CLONYARD HILL 047
OS1/20/141/3 HAWTHORN HILL 047
OS1/20/141/4 CLONYARD 047
OS1/20/141/4 CLONYARD WOOD 047
OS1/20/141/4 JOCKLIG 047
OS1/20/141/5 CLIFTON CRAIG 047
OS1/20/141/5 MILLBANK HILL 047
OS1/20/141/5 MOSSKNOWE 047
OS1/20/141/6 MULLOCH 047
OS1/20/141/6 PLUMJORDAN 047
OS1/20/141/7 MILLBANK 047
OS1/20/141/8 BUNGHOLE 047
OS1/20/141/9 ROSEBANK 047
OS1/20/141/9 SOUTHWICK WATER 047
OS1/20/141/10 CLAUCHTREM WOOD 041; 047
OS1/20/141/10 DOON HILL 047
OS1/20/141/10 WOODFORD 047
OS1/20/141/11 SOUTHWICK MILL (Corn) 047
OS1/20/141/11 WILD CAT WOOD 047
OS1/20/141/11 WOODFORD BRIDGE 047
OS1/20/141/12 BARENESS WOOD 047
OS1/20/141/12 WILD CAT CRAIGS 047
OS1/20/141/13 BARENESS CRAIG 047
OS1/20/141/13 BARENESS HOLM WOOD 047
OS1/20/141/13 CAULKERBUSH BURN 047
OS1/20/141/14 BARENESS Bareness Cottage Bareness Cottage Bornside Bareness Bareness Bareness Bareness George Crosby William Wilson Ainslies Map 1820 Valn. [Valuation] Roll. modern James Johnston J. Boyd J. Kirk 047 A small but neat built cottage on the Estate of Southwick, it is situated about 10 chains S [South], Ea[st] of "Bareness Craigs".
OS1/20/141/14 SOUTHWICK HOUSE Southwick House Southwick House Southwick Southwick Southwick House Southwick House Southwick House Southwick House Southwick House Samuel Crosby William Wilson Ainslies map 1820 Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Kirkcudt. [Kirkcudbrightshire] 1845 James Johnston J. Boyd J. Kirk John Bell M. Stewart Esqr. Proprietor 047 A large mansion house (of the mod[ern] style of architecture) with suitable offic[es] in good repair, having a large kitchen and an ornamental gard[en] including hot beds etc, besi[des] a considerable portion of orname[ntal] and demesne ground attached, This house is the family residence of Mark Stewart Esqr. who is als[o] proprietor.
OS1/20/141/14 14 Parish of Colvend Form 136 Page 55 Bareness Cottage situation - About 1 [3]/8 miles W. N.W [West North West] of Mainsriddle 61 Southwick House situation - About 1 1/8 miles W.N.W [West North West] of Mainsriddle
OS1/20/141/14 Some word endings at the inside margin of the page are not in the image but may be adequately deduced.
OS1/20/141/15 CAULKERBUSH 047
OS1/20/141/15 SHAWFOOT 047
OS1/20/141/16 KNOCKHOOLY 047
OS1/20/141/16 SOUTHWICK BRIDGE 047
OS1/20/141/17 FORT [Brough] 047
OS1/20/141/18 BROUGH BURN 041; 047
OS1/20/141/18 KELLS 047
OS1/20/141/19 ALDERGOWAN WOOD 047
OS1/20/141/19 DOONEND 047
OS1/20/141/19 PARK WOOD 047
OS1/20/141/20 Redbank Hill Redbank Hill See Plan 41C 041; 047 For description see Name List for Plan 41C
OS1/20/141/20 20 Parish of Colvend Form 136 Page Redbank Hill situation - About 1 mile N.N.W. [North North West] of Mainsriddle
OS1/20/141/21 FORT (Remains of) [Redbank] 047
OS1/20/141/21 KELLS BURN 047
OS1/20/141/22 MAINSRIDDLE Mainsriddle Village of Mains George Crosby James McGill Ainslies Map 1820 047 A small but neat built village [or] hamlet situated at the S. [South] eastern extremity of the parish of Colvend on the line of road that leads from Dumfries by Kirkbean to Dalbeattie and about 15 miles from the form[er] its houses are from one to 2 stories [in] height partly slated and partly [--] and in good repair. In it is a Fr[ee] Church a United Presbyterian Chu[rch] and an Inn or public house. Popula[tion] about 30 consisting chiefly of agricul[--] with a few mechanics. This village [is] named in honour of Sir James Riddle who was proprietor prior to Mark Stewart Esqr. of Southwick House
OS1/20/141/22 22 Parish of Colvend Form 136 Page 67 Mainsriddle situation - At the Eastern extremity of the parish of Colvend and about 1/8 miles E By S. [East by South] of Southwick House
OS1/20/141/22 Some word endings and short words have been missed by the scan on the far right of the page image.
OS1/20/141/23 MANSE [United Presbyterian Church, Mainsriddle] 047
OS1/20/141/23 UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH [Mainsriddle] 047
OS1/20/141/24 NEW HOUSE 047
OS1/20/141/25 BROUGH 047
OS1/20/141/25 BROUGH COTTAGE 047
OS1/20/141/25 HEUGH WOOD 047
OS1/20/141/26 EASTWOOD (Ruins of) Eastwood (ruins of) Eastwood (ruins of) Eastwood Eastwood Robert Dickson James Gardiner Esqr. Ainslies Map. 1820 Valn. [Valuation] Roll. modern 047 The ruins of a house which formerly had a farm of land attached but is now united with th[at] of Kells. The property of Mark Stewart Esqr. of Southwick House.
OS1/20/141/26 26 Parish of Colvend Form 136 Page 71 Eastwood (ruins of) situation - About 16 chains S. [South] of Mainsriddle
OS1/20/141/29 DRUMBUIE 047
OS1/20/141/29 DRUMBUIE WOOD 047
OS1/20/141/29 REDBANK 047
OS1/20/141/30 REDBANK BURN S 047
OS1/20/141/31 FREE CHURCH [Mainsriddle] 047
OS1/20/141/31 MANSE [Free Church, Mainsriddle] 047
OS1/20/141/32 CAIRN (Site of) [Torrorie] 047
OS1/20/141/32 TORRORIE 047
OS1/20/141/33 Site of CAVENS CASTLE 047
OS1/20/141/34 CAIRN (Site of) [Ladyland] 047
OS1/20/141/34 HAWHILL 047
OS1/20/141/35 HANGMAN HILL 047
OS1/20/141/35 LADYLAND 047
OS1/20/141/36 AIRDRIE 047
OS1/20/141/36 AIRDRIE GILL 047
OS1/20/141/36 LADYLAND BURN 047
OS1/20/141/37 BECK BRIDGE 047
OS1/20/141/37 CROFTFOOT 047
OS1/20/141/37 SHAW WOOD 024
OS1/20/141/39 MERSEHEAD 047
OS1/20/141/39 PRESTON MERSE 047
OS1/20/141/40 EASTWOOD BURN 047
OS1/20/141/40 MERSE 047
OS1/20/141/41 BECK BURN 047
OS1/20/141/41 COWCORSE 047
OS1/20/141/41 PRESTON MERSE 046; 047
OS1/20/141/42 WREATHS 047
OS1/20/141/43 WREATHS TOWER (Remains of) 047