Kirkcudbrightshire, Volume 118

Page List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
OS1/20/118/3 KINHARVIE BURN 041
OS1/20/118/3 LONG FELL 041
OS1/20/118/3 POWMORIN BURN 041
OS1/20/118/4 CRAIG MOSS 041
OS1/20/118/5 KINHARVIE HILL 041
OS1/20/118/5 MID RIG 041
OS1/20/118/5 TANNOCH BURN 041
OS1/20/118/5 TANNOCH HILL 041
OS1/20/118/6 GLEN BURN 041
OS1/20/118/6 GLENMADDY BURN 041
OS1/20/118/7 ASHY GLEN 041
OS1/20/118/7 DUN STONE 041
OS1/20/118/7 OLD FELL 041
OS1/20/118/8 CRIFFELL 041
OS1/20/118/9 DOUGLAS'S CAIRN 041
OS1/20/118/10 KNOCKENDOCH 041
OS1/20/118/10 PULTARSON BURN 041
OS1/20/118/13 CUIL HILL 041
OS1/20/118/13 DRUMCOW BURN 041
OS1/20/118/13 RYES HILL 041
OS1/20/118/14 MAIDENPAP 041 A considerable hill on the farm of Drumcow, its surface consists of rocky heathy pasture, On it is a Trigl. [Trigonometrical] Station called by Trigl. [Trigonometrical] Party Maidenpap. This hill is a conspicuous part of a range in connection with Long Fell
OS1/20/118/14 SLEWCAIRN 041 A small hill on the farm of Boreland its surface consists of heathy pasture.
OS1/20/118/14 CAIRN [Slewcairn] 041 The remains of an ancient cairn on the Summit of Sluggairn, it is of an oval shape and about 12 feet in height. it was formerly much larger. as a great quantity of stones was removed from it for oth [...] [other] purposes.
OS1/20/118/15 CUIL BURN 041 A small stream or burn having its rise on the farm of Boreland and running in a Southerly direction to its influx with Southwick Burn
OS1/20/118/15 LITTLE HARD HILL 041 A small hill on the farm of Boreland its surface consists of rocky heathy pasture.
OS1/20/118/17 BORELAND BURN 041
OS1/20/118/17 MEIKLE HARD HILL 041
OS1/20/118/17 THORTER FELL 041
OS1/20/118/18 ABBEY FELL 041 A small hill on the farm of Boreland and within the range of "Boreland Hill" its surface con-sists [consists] of rocky heathy pasture.
OS1/20/118/18 THIEVES GLEN 041 A small ravine about 12 chains in length, on the farm of Boreland and situated at the N, [North] East side of Abbey Fell.
OS1/20/118/21 BORELAND HILL 041
OS1/20/118/21 DOGTUMMOCK 041