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MAIDENPAP Maidenpap J. Cannon n.s. Plascow, Kirkgunzeon
J. Wightman n.s. Falgunzeon, Kirkgunzeon
Rev.[Reverend] J. Crocket s. Kirkgunzeon
W. J. Johnstone s. Kirkgunzeon
040 A rocky heathy hill of small area but considerable elevation on the farm of "Drumgow"
From its summit (on which stands a Trig. [Trigonometrical] [symbol for Trig. Station] called by that party " Maidenpap") can be obtained a beautiful view of the "Solway Firth", & Seaports and hills of Cumberland.
It derives its name from its protuberant shape somewhat resembling a female breast.
GLAISTERS BURN Glaisters Burn 040 See description Trace 1

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No. 136 -- [page] 29
List of Names collected by Robert F E. Goddard Pvte. [Private] RS&M [Royal Sappers and Miners] 1st Examiner

Field Book
No. of Plan - 40B

Trace - 2
Town or Parish Colvend
[signed at bottom of page]
R. F. Goddard Pvte. [Private] R.S.M. [Royal Sappers and Miners] March 19. 1850
W. Driscoll Gossit Lt. R.E [Lieutenant Royal Engineers]

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Not sure about final signature I've looked at other examples of his signature in some he is a lieutenant and in later ones a Captain.

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