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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
County Buildings County Buildings
County Buildings
County Buildings
Sheriff Court House
James Tindal Esqr (P. [Procurator] Fiscal)
Mr R Duthie (Stonehaven]
Mr James Wood (Stonehaven)
Act of Parliament
017.04 A large building built and used for the Sheriff's Court, County Prison, Police officer &c.
Bog Well Bog Well
Bog Well
Bog Well
James Tindal Esqr (P. [Procurator] Fiscal)
Mr R Duthie (Stonehaven]
Mr James Wood (Stonehaven) Act of Parliament
017.04 A good spring well in a garden immediately in rear of the county Building.
Burial Ground Burial Ground (Plague of 1608-48)

Burial Ground (Plague of 1608-48)
James Tindal Esqr (P. [Procurator] Fiscal)
Mr R Duthie (Stonehaven]
Mr James Wood (Stonehaven) Act of Parliament
017.04 "There appears to have been another place of burial situated behind the present county building at Stonehaven. According to tradition, it was appropriated for the internment of those who died of the plague - an idea which is so far borne out by traces of an inscription upon one of the tombstone dated 1608, which shews that the person commemorated had either died of, or during the time of the Pest(ilence)." (New. Stat Act [Statistical Account] - 446-7)
"These tomb stones were discovered some years ago in a garden a few paces of their original site. The tradition of the place is, that they were erected to the memory of those who had died of the plague, and it is supported by the fact, that on the oldest stone, although much defaced, the words 'of pest' at the upper left hand corner, are still quite legible." (Black Book of Kincardineshire P. [Page] 178.) Here lyes ane Honest Man Magnus Tailiovr Seyman gvha Depairtit in November - of Pest. Memento Mori 1608. - "Heir lyes ane Honest Mans Bairns Alexander and William Brokie Sones lawful to Alexander Brokie who departed the 12 of Jwnie, of the age of tvalf and nyn yeirs old, in ano 1648 Memento Mori".
On two grave stones at present reared against a bank near the iste of the supposed burial ground.

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[page] 29
(1608 - 1648)
Stonehaven -- Parish of Dunnottar.

(sigd) [signed] B. Render Corp RE. [Corporal Royal Engineers]

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