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Stonehaven Stonehaven
New Stat Acct [Statistical Account]
Memorials of Angus Mearns.
Plan of Feus Vry [Viceroy]
A. W. Kinnear Esqr (Provost)
James Tindal Esqr (P. [Procurator] Fiscal)
017.03; 017.04 "At which time Stonehaven was erected into a burgh of barony is not known, Very probably the erection was contained in a Crown charter in favour of one of the Earls of Marischal, which is not now to be found. Its existence as a burgh was at an early period recognized by the Legislature, and an act of Parliament in 1607 c. 10, ordains "The said Burgh of Stonehaven to be in all time coming the head Burgh of the Sherriffdom of Kincardine'. In 1624 William Earl Marischal the superior entered into a contract with the feuars of the town, by which it was agreed that two resident burgesses of the burgh, greatly presented by the inhabitants and chosen by the Earl should be bailies, and should have power 'to choose their own members, and to hold courts and to descern anent their own civil and common affairs'. The late Viscount Keith purchased the superiority of the town in 1797, and after his death the old constitution, which since the Rebellion in 1715, had been in a great measure in abeyance, was restored by his trustees in whom the superiority is vested. Since 1823 when that restoration took place, the feuars have annually presented a leet of four resident feuars, out of which the trustees choose two to be bailies, and these two choose a council consisting of three councillors, a dean of guild, a treasurer, and appoint a town clerk, a pro- [continued on page 2]

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