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Stone of Morphie Stone of Morphie
Stone of Morphie
Stone of Morphie
Charles Peters (Canterland)
James Adamson (Morphie)
John Stephens (Commieston)
027.09 "A huge square stone pillar of about 12 feet high is still standing at Stone of Morphy, and seems to have given rise to its name. Whether this ancient pillar was erected to preserve the memory of some gallant warrior of the name of Graham or whether it be the only relick of a Druidical temple, it is difficult to determine. But the first conjecture seems to be the most natural, because it is the only Stone at that place and goes by the name of The Stone of Morphy" (Old Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] Vol II P [Page]105
"The Stone of Morphy- This is an obelisk situated on the lands of the same name in the western division of the parish. With reference to [what] the writer of the former account says, that is is difficult to determine whether it had been erected to preserve the memory of some gallant warrior of the name of Graham, to which noble family the lands of Morphy originally belonged, or whether it may be a remnant of a Druidical temple, while at the same time, he appears not to have been aware of the existence of a tradition, which says , that it was erected in memory of a son of Camus, or some other important personage in his army, who was killed here in an engagement with the Scots, after the defeat and death of the Danish leader at Panbride. The Danes on that event immediately retreated Northward, and according to the tradition, encountered the Scots near the Stone of Morphy, and that a battle had there taken place is probable, from the immense number of stone coffins, containing human bones , which have been found, particularly in and near a field called the "Sick Man"s Shade, close by the stone.The farm adjoining that on which the pillar stands bears

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