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Den of Morphie Den of Morphie
Den of Morphie
Den of Morphie
Den of Morphie
William Mathewson Esqr (Factor in Kintore E [Estate]
Mr Charles Peter (Canterland)
Mr James Adamson (Morphie)
Mr John Milne (Sillycoats)
027.05 A large and romantic looking Den or hollow through which a stream (which has no name) runs. The name applies from near the Farm house of Sillycoats to the North Esk
Camp Camp
William Mathewson Esqr
Mr James Adamson
Mr Charles Peter.
027.05 "On the most prominent part of the hill of Pitbeadly (i.e. the grave of the house of the hiill) there is a small Circular Camp, which, within a few years was in a state of tolerable preservation. It is nearly forty yards in diameter, and had a ditch and a wall of turf and stones, and a central building constructed of Stone. Some remains of human bones were lately exhumed within its inclosure. There is however no tradition connected with it" (New Stat Act [New Statistical Account] p 282)
This Camp is situated in the corner of a plantation on the Estate of Canterland and about half a mile north of the farm house of Canterland. The Camp (which is evidently British.) is in a good state of preservation, and the ditch can be easily traced, it is circular and about 150 links in diameter. It is said that human bones were found in the Centre of the Camp, but there is no tradition of [Continued on following page]

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Parish of St Cyrus

[Note] Camp- (Human Bones found here)

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