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Lauriston Castle Lauriston Castle
Lauriston Castle
Lauriston Castle
Estate Plan
Alexander Porteous Esq
Statistical account of the Co [County]
Gardens Co [County] map.
027.03 The Castle and lands of Lauriston continued in the possession of the Straton family for a period of four hundred years prior to 1695, when the estate was sold to Sir "John Falconer" and Elizabeth Trent, "his wife," from whose representatives it was purchased, about fifty years ago, by its late proprietor Mr Brand. At that time the only parts of the building remaining were a portion of a very strong circular wall which had formed the western enclosure of the castle, a tower of a square form at one extremity of this wall and built on a projecting ledge of the precipice, along the edge of which the wall was carried, and a portion of the ancient chapel. These remains of the fortress are preserved by having been in Corporated some years after the purchase of the lands by Mr Brand, into a spacious and modern Mansion . (New Stat [Statistical] Account 279-80)
Site of Chapel 027.03 The Chapel at the Castle stood at the South West side of the Courtyard, and appears to have been there for the use of the retainers at the Castle. There is a Falcon cut in Stone on part of the Old Wall (which is said by Mr Porteous to be part of the Chapel Wall,) and during the Course of building &c some years ago there were found a small vault or Tomb under the figure of the Bird. In the Tomb there was human remains. The Falcon was the crest of the Stratons.

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Parish of Saint Cyrus

See Site of St Lawrence's Chapel and Chapelfield
" The estate of Lauriston so named it would seem in honor of St Lawrence, to whom a Chapel was dedicated which stood at Chapelfield,
belonged at, and before the year 1243 to Sir John of Strivelyn, who granted the chapel to the prior & Canons of St Andrews, together
with a pound of wax yearly the price of which was to be regulated according to the market value at Montrose ( [Reg, prior, S. Andree [Register of the riory of St. Andrews] Some time ago the old font of this chapel now preserved at Lauriston was found buried among a quantity of rubbish" (P [Page] 373) Lauriston.
"Lauriston, on the other hand is much more sheltered and is so situated that it possesses no very extensive or varied prospect. The house,
which Stands picturesquely upon the east bank of the burn of Lauriston, is partly old and partly new. The older portion of which a
Square tower only remains, seems not to belong to an earlier period than the first half of the sixteenth century, although
according to tradition this is part of the fabric which Buchanan says was garrisoned by the English during the reign of King
David II" ( Memorials of Angus & Mearns P [Page] 374.)

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