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Site of St Laurences Chapel Site of Chapel Alexander Burnett (Lauriston) 024.15 "The Estate of Lauriston, so named it would seem in honor of St Laurence, to whom a chapel was dedicated which stood at Chapelfield, belonged at, and before the year 1243 to Sir John of Strivelyn, who granted the Chapel the Prior and Canons of St. Andrews together with a pound of wax yearly the price of which was to be regulated according to the market value at Montrose (Reg. Prior. S. Andree, 280 Register of the Priory of St. Andrews]). Some time ago the old font of this Chapel, now preserved at Lauriston, was found buried among a quantity of rubbish. (Memorials of Angus & Mearns, page 273)
Alexander Burnett who pointed out this Site is a very intelligent labourer on the Estate of Lauriston, he states the he remembers the foundations of the Chapel being taken on about 50 years ago, and that in trenching the ground a large quantity of human bones were found in what appeared to have been the burial ground attached to the Chapel. Alexander Porteous Esqur Lauriston Castle the proprietor of the ground can not give any information on this, as the foundations were destroyed before he purchased the property. He says that the information supplied by Alexander Burnett may be fully relied upon. - B Render Corpl. R.E. [Corporal Royal Engineers] 28/8/63

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