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North Pier North Pier Mr. Lees Harbour Master
Mr. Barnett Torry
Keith & Gibbs Map
004.03 A splendid Stone Pier measuring about 2000 feet long, Situated at the Mouth of the river Dee, on the North Side it was planned by the Celebrated engineer Smeaton, it is founded on sand by immense block of Granite varying from 5 to 40 tons each, it is amply supplied with Mooring Post Capstans &c. At the landward extremity is a small observatory, and at the eastern point a small Iron Light House containing a stationary red light.
The Bar The Bar
The Bar
The Bar
Mr. Lees Harbour Master
Mr. Barnett
Keith & Gibbs Map
004.03 This name applies to a formation of Rock sand &c. lying across the mouth of the River Dee which at low water renders the entrance of vessels to Aberdeen harbour impossible.
Aberdeen Bay Described in 1/500 Name Book of Aberdeen City.

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