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Girdle Ness Girdle Ness
Girdle Ness
Girdle Ness
Admiralty chart.
Johnstones County Map.
Captain Donaldson Aberdeen Harbour.
004.04 A rocky headland, the extreme north east end of the county of Kincardine.
Girdleness Lighthouse Girdleness Lighthouse
Girdleness Lighthouse
Girdleness Lighthouse
Admiralty Chart
Courage's guide through Aberdeen & Vicinity.
Captain Donaldson
004.04 The lighthouse stands in a narrow point of land near Girdle Ness. The light is a double one; obtained from Colza oil, burned in the foci of parabolic reflectors, in the lower light, and in the focus of the Dioptric apparatus, termed the Beehive Lens, in the upper light. The first light is 115 feet, & the other 185 feet above the level of the Sea.

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