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Maryculter House Marycoulter House
Mansion House
Mansion House
Mansion House
Valuation Roll 1863-64

Revd. [Reverend] Andrew Fleming, Blairs
Revd. [Reverend] John Bower, Manse,
New Statistical Account
003.14 The Barony of Maryculter being a fifth part of the whole Estate, was a wild waste and almost uninhabited, about AD. 1167 King William the Lion, granted it to the Knights Templars, who: by their assiduous and persevering industry brought a great portion of it under cultivation so that it soon became a fertile and valuable possession; about this time their residence or Preceptory as it was then called was erected, but which has Subsequently been enlarged at different periods and now Constitutes the present building Called Maryculter House. The adjacent Church was erected about the same period. In the 13th. Century by an appeal to Rome it became a parish, apart from Peterculter to which it formerly belonged, and about the beginning of the 14th Century it passed into the hands of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem commonly called the Knights of Malta, and about 1535 the estate of Blairs was disposed of to Gilbert Menzie and in 1548 the whole Barony was disposed of. Auchlunies became the property of Provost Collison, and Maryculter passed to a family named Lindsay, and the remainder to the Menzies of Pitfoddels, in 1726 Maryculter also became the property of the Menzies but in 1811 it was disposed of to W. C. Gordon of Fyvie who still holds possession of Maryculter. In 1827 Menzies of Pitfodels gifted the estate of Blairs to the Roman Catholic Bishops & Clergy of Scotland. The present building is a beautiful Mansion pleasantly Situated on the East banks of the River Dee, although partly Secluded by the quantity of wood which almost surrounds it of which there are some fine specimens of beautiful full grown trees, The house, garden and ornamental ground are kept in very good repair and it is let upon lease to Thomas Todd Esqr. who resides there.

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Parish of Maryculter

This information was supplied by the
Revd. [Reverend] Andrew Fleming Procurator, Blair's College
who has taken great interest in the matter, it is
Compiled from the headings of various readings and
researches during the last 10 years. Mr Fleming has
no Book on the subject.
[Signed] B. Render
Corp. R.E. [Corporal Royal Engineers]
8/11/64 [8 Nov 1864]

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