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Muchals Castle Muchals Castle
Muchals Castle
Muchals Castle
Memorials of Angus & Mearns
Revd. [Reverend] John Watt
Robert Walker Esqr
012.04 "Muchals Castle was built by one of the Barnetts of Leys - the hall has a fine Stucco ceiling containing portraits of heroes famous in Old Testament and Roman history with the Royal arms of Scotland over the Chimney." (Memorials of Angus & Mearns P. [Page] 20. *
A good substantial building of the Castellated Style of architecture common to the seventeenth century. The lower rooms are all arched, or vaulted, with stone and there appears to have been very little wood used in the construction of the building. There is some very fine ornamental work on the ceiling of the upper Rooms, and the Ceiling of the great hall above mentioned is in excellent preservation. There is a gloomy looking vault on the south side of the Castle, it is in a ruinous state and in all probability may have been used as the Donjon Keep or Prison. There is a slab over the entrance to the court yard on which it is stated that the North and East portions of the Castle was begun in 1619 and finished in 1627, but there is a tradition in the district that the South portion is much earlier and the appearance of the vault above mentioned would lead to this supposition. B.R.

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[Page] 80
Parish of Fetteresso

This building is undergoing extensive repairs,
and its ancient grandeur is being defaced
by laths and plaster.
B. Render
Corpl. R.E [Corporal Royal Engineers]

As there is some uncertainty
about the proper spelling of this
word, Captain Courtney R.E. [Royal Engineers] will
please to decide between Muchals,
and Muchalls and adopt
the same orthography in every
instance where the name is
B. Render
Corpl. R.E. [Corporal Royal Engineers]

"Muchals" is evidently
derived from the Gaelic
"Mucach" or "Mucail" i.e.
Abounding in Swine.

Please examine Title Deeds of
Estate in possession of
William Paul Esqr Advocate

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The hidden word towards the end of the description I have interpreted as [earlier] from the sense, however from the image of the following page it looks as though it might read [later].

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