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Hill of Megray Hill of Megray
Hill of Megray
Hill of Megray
Megray Market
Volume 1 of Transactions of Antiquaries of Scotland
R, Brown Esqr (Tenant)
Mr R Duthie (Stonehaven)
Johnston's Co [County] Map
012.16 A conspicuous Hill feature on the farm of Megray on the Estate of Ury. situated about 1/4 of a mile North from the farm house.
Urn and coins found here Urn and Coins found here
Urn and Coins found here
Urn and Coins found here
R, Brown Esqr
Mr R. Duthie (Stonehaven)
Revd. [Reverend] Alexander Silver (Stonehaven)
012.16 During the process of Cultivation in the year 1852, there was found on the Hill of Megray a Small Urn containg upwards of 200 Silver Denari, all Roman. They consisted of Coins of the Caesars Claudius, Nero, Galba, Vespasian, Titus, Domitian, and the Emperors Nerva, Trajan, and Adrian. Some of the Coins are now in possession of Mr R, Brown of Megray and R, Duthie Stonehaven but most of the Coins were sent to the Queen's Remembrancer in Edinburgh. The summit of the above named hill can be seen from Raedykes, the Bay of Stonehaven, and from the site of the Camp near Fetteresso Manse, and is supposed to have been a Roman Out Post.

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Parish of Fetteresso

[Note Megray Hill] -- "Margadh - A Market" (Gaelic) Literally the Market Hill - In old times a Market was
held on this hill hence the
original name now corrupted
into Megray.
[initialled] B.R.

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