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[page] 203a

Examination Office
- Kincardineshire -
- Parish Fetteresso -

[Left hand column:]

Plan 12/15

Namelist, page 203 -
Lilly Loch - Is
the double l correct in
this name
The Authorities give only
one l - and
in the descriptive remarks
"the water lily grows
profusely here, hence
the name"

R.M. Parsons
Col RE [Colonel Royal Engineers]
12 Sep 68 [September 1868]

Captain Courtney
Royal Engineers -

Plan and Photo altered
18 Sep [September] 1868
A. [SW.L]

[Right hand column:]

No: I think not, & have
struck it out in Name Book.
Please alter the Plan.

E.H. Courtney
Capt R.E. [Captain Royal Engineers]
14th Sept [September] 1868

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