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Blue Gate Blue Gate
Blue Gate
Blue Gate
Mr Robert Duthie (Stonehaven)
Mr George Dawson (Forester Ury)
Mr Peter Ewing (Keeper Ury)
012.15 A well known and very old name applied to the Southwest entrance to the demesnes of Ury.
Ramey Hillock Ramey Hillock
Ramey Hillock
Ramey Hillock
Rainy Hillock
Mr George Dawson
Mr Peter Ewing
Mr Archibald Bisset (Ury)
Estate Plan
012.15 A well known name applying to a small hillock about 1/4 of a mile north from Ury House.
Ury House Ury House
Ury House
Ury House
Ury House
Estate Plan
John Baird Esqr (Proprietor)
D, Dickson Esqr (Factor)
Mr R Duthie
012.15 A new and extensive mansion on the Estate of Ury near Stonehaven, it is surrounded by extensive Parks and pleasure grounds and the Cowie Water which is well stocked with Trout flows past the front of the House.

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Parish of Fetteresso

[Note Ramey Hillock] -- "Rame. A Shout, a roar, a cry." (Jamieson)

[Note Ury House] -- "Ury, Furred, crushed, clammy." (Jamieson)
This name is supposed to be derived from
Urus, the Scottish wild Bull.

Urie House adopted
on 1st Revision
By order.

[Note Stables, crossed out] -- Not to be written on Plan.

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