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Skatie Shore Skatie Shore
Skatie Shore
Skatie Shore
Mr. Duthie. Stonehaven
Mr. Campbell. Stonehaven
Mr. Ross. Stonehaven
012.16 The rocky beach immediately north of Garron Point.
Perthumie Bay Perthumie Bay
Perthumie Bay
Mr. Duthie.
Mr. Cambell.
Mr. Ross.
012.12 The bay immediately north of Garron Point, extending northward to a rocky point named the Red Man.
Red Man Red Man
Red Man
Red Man
Mr. Duthie.
Mr. Campbell.
Mr. Ross.
012.12 A projecting cliff on the Sea Shore, situated at the north end of Perthumie Bay.
Strichie Brae Strichie Brae
Strichie Brae
Strichie Brae
Mr Duthie
Mr Campbell
Mr Ross
012.12 A steep rocky slope situated immediately to the west of The Ship and Long Meg.

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Ph. [Parish] of Fetteresso.

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"Skatie - A species of Gull." (Jamieson)

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