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Slicewells Wood Slicewells Wood
Slicewells Wood
Slicewells Wood
Mr Peter Ewing (Keeper)
Archibald Bisset (Laborer)
012.11 A large fir plantation near the house of Ury known by this name the property of (John Baird Esqr. Ury)
Houff of Ury Houff of Ury
Houff of Ury
Houff of Ury
Mr Robert Brown
Mr Peter Ewing
Mr R Duthie
New Stat Act [Statistical Account]
Johnston's Co [County] Map
012.11 "Robert Barclay author of the apology for the Quakers died at Ury on 3rd of August 1690 aged 4[1]. His body lies in the family burial ground, the most elevated spot on the property, in a small building commonly called the Houff, in which are also interred the remains of his son, grandson, and great grandson all bearing the same name"-
(New Stat Act [Statistical Account] P. [Page] 252)
A plain oblong building of stone, surrounded with trees and plants situated on a hillock on the Estate, and about 1/2 a mile north of Ury House. It is the family burial vault of the Barcllays, late proprietors of the Estate.

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Parish of Fetteresso Sheet 12 Plan 11

Polbare Belt [note] See Page 199.

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Hoif, Hoff, Hove,
Houff, Hufe, A hall,
a burial place. The
principal place of in
terment at Dundee is
called the Houff."

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