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Traverse (continued) 012.06 Campstone Hill (continued)
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This hill is situated about ½ a mile to the west of the large camp at Garrison Hill
and Raedykes, and the circles * may probably be the remains of Small camps
or outposts in connection with the large Camp, or they may have been used as places
of worship by the Druids or Pagan Priesthood, and the cairns my mark the places where
the dead have been buried. There is no record of any human remains having been found and
the local antiquaries can give no satisfactory information on these objects.
B. Render
Corpl. R.E. [Corporal Royal Engineers]
Cairn Cairn (Remains of)
Cairn (Remains of)
Cairn (Remains of)
Mr R Duthie
Mr D Mowat
Mr James Wishart
012.06 On the Summit of the hill of Cairneymore are the remains of a large cairn which form a very conspicuous object and can be seen from a considerable distance. This is considered to be either a Sepulchral or memorial cairn. -
B Render
Corpl. R.E. [Corporal Royal Engineers]

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Parish of Fetteresso

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* In Professor Stuart's
Antiquarian Essays
it is stated that there
were not less than
five or six circles at this
place, but I have not
met with any persons
who have seen more than
the two as shewn on
the Trace.
B. Render
Corpl. R.E. [Corporal Royal Engineers]

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altered by Cap [Captain] Courtney R.E. [Royal Engineers]
see note in pencil page 134

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