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Parish of Fetteresso

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Stonehaven) the Roman fleet was seen riding at anchor in the bay of Stonehaven within less than a league
of their Camp, where no enemy could interrupt their mutual intercourse. Here Galgacus would see the fleet equally
well from the hills above, and might justly be made to exclaim 'imminente nobis classe Romana', and
from this place Tacitus might properly say, upon Agricola's retreat Southward, after the battle, 'Exercitum in fines
Horestorum deducit.' -
On this matter it has only to be remarked, that the entrenchment at Re-dykes is strongest towards the Sea, with
Several outworks on that side, an evidence that the enemy was expected from that quarter, that along the
adjoining hollow, towards the north-east, called Monbois (Celtic, the Moor of death), and on a lower hill
called 'Kempstone Hill' (Kemp, a fight) many Stones were Scattered, and Some of them large single ones
on end, that on Cantlayhills there is a large Cairn that was never examined, that varioius pieces of armour,
Chariot wheels, etc have been found in the vicinity, Some of which are now in the advocates' library Edinburgh,
Marischal College, Aberdeen, and Fetteresso Castle, and that, in the neighbourhood of the Camp at Stonehaven
many Sepulchral urns were not long ago discovered, and near the Cairn, in which they had been deposited,
a Stone pavement, on which from the remains of ashes, it would appear that bodies had been burnt. -
In the Second Volume of the Transactions of the Society of Antiquaries P. [Page] 462. Professor Stuart Communicates
the result of an examination of a Tumulus* opened near the Seat "of R. W. Duff Esqr in this Parish".
* See "Malcolm's Mount" Plan 12/3 and Extracts referring to this.
Query - Is it not more probable that this Tumulus contained the remains
of Aulus Atticus, the commander of a Cohort at the battle of
"ad Montem Grampium", and Stated by Tacitus to have been Slain
in that engagement? - See Roy Page 19.
B, Render
Corpl. R.E. [Corporal Royal Engineers]
26th July 1864

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