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Parish of Fetteresso

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information obtained from all our other historians and antiquaries, - at the Same time Supplying
many deficiencies, and correcting Some obvious mistakes, that it is now considered as an authentic
document, and constantly referred to as the very best authority on all these subjects. General Roy
therefore being possessed of this work, and all other information that had been previously procured,
partly in the course of his Military duty, and partly by journeys made on purpose, carefully explored
and made accurate drawings, of the whole remains of Roman antiquities in Scotland, which with suit-
able descriptions, were engraved and published at the expence of the London Society of Antiquaries in 1793.
His account, therefore, is to be followed as the latest and the best authenticated of the Romans north of the Tay
and along the great valley of Strathmore, which runs parallel to the Grampian Mountains from Perth to
Stonehaven, a distance of about Seventy miles. By this open, easy, and direct route, the Romans certainly
proceeded northward, as every other invading enemy has Since done, and not along the Sea coast, So that any
vestiges of Roman Camps to be Seen near Dundee, or Montrose, must be referred to occasional landings
from the fleet and were quite unconnected with agricola's line of March. In this direction General Roy first
finds Richard's ad Hiernam, now Strageth, - then Orrea, Bertha or Grassywalls, on the Tay, where the
Romans had passed that Majestic River. The next station from thence, he supposes must have been at Meig[le ]
but the country is too much cultivated to admit of its being now discovered. Thereafter in Succession occur
the camps at Battledykes, between Kirrymuir and Brechin, along with Some others in the same vicinity, the
one at Keithock near the North Esk. After which, General Roy obseves that another Station should be
looked for near to Monboddo, in the Mearns, which has since been accordingly found hard by at Fordoun.
Here a Praetorium is Still distinctly to be traced, and also Some appearance of a large camp Surrounding it,
at the distance of an ordinary Roman march, about twelve miles from the one at Keithock, and the
same distance from the next Station at Stonehaven, where the real Mons Grampius will be
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