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Parish of Fetteresso

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up at Ardoch, which the Romans could neither have had leisure nor opportunity of Constructing during
the few days of their stay at the Mons Grampius, and also from Ardoch being situated either within or
beyond the limits of the country of the Horesti, to which Agricola retreated after the engagement, 'in fines
'Horestorum exercitum deducit', besides the concurrence of all these circumstances in another place to be
afterwards mentioned. - Secondly. - There come next to be stated the claims of Victoria, or Dealgin Ross,
to the honour of being the Scene of this combat. It possesses, indeed, one advantage over Ardoch for this purpose
in being, as may be said, almost in the middle of the Grampian Mountains, but yet much farther from the Sea
or any of the friths, from which it must have been altogether invisible. Mr Gordon allowed himself to
be misled by its being called Victoria, a name perhaps imposed on it by the Roman General in order to
encourage his troops, Somewhat dispirited by the doubtful victory of the ninth legion. For there is really very
little reason to believe this place to have been the Scene of action. Tacitus says that Agricola Separated his
forces into three parts, - one of which probably remained at Ardoch, another was posted at Hierna or Strageth
upon the Earn, and the third, composed of the ninth legion, was pushed much farther into the hills, to Dealgin
Ross. This last being the weakest, and the farthest removed from the main body, would most naturally be
the first to be attacked by a brave and enterprising enemy, and the consequences of the attack appear,
from several circumstances, to have been more fatal to the Romans than their historian thought proper to
acknowledge, - for, after this Campaign, we hear no more of the exploits of the ninth legion, nor is its
name ever mentioned, So that it must have been either nearly cut to pieces, and incorporated into Some
other, or was Soon after removed from the island. Neither let it be considered as a Small honour to the
gallant body of Caledonians, that they were able to grapple hand to hand, in the very middle of their
Camp, with a whole Roman legion, and would probably have put them all to the Sword, had they not
received timely Succour from the nearest Stations of Ardoch or Strageth. Let it also be remembered
what this very historian says of Ireland, of his being informed, that, with a Single legion, the whole island
might not only be subdued, but retained by the Romans. Mr Gordon also takes advantage of another
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