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"already described. There has been fighting near this Camp at Urie, but the Memorials
are not Sufficient to warrant the conclusion that an action of importance happened here,
tradition is silent, 1. and the names of places in the neighbourhood have no reference to
Slaughter 2. This Camp was discovered by Maitland about the middle of the last century,
and in his history of Scotland, he pointed it out as the appropriate site of the battle of
Mons Grampius". (The Topography of the Basin of the Tay by James Knox. Pages 100-101)

1. There is a tradition believed in by all the educated people in the district that the battle
of "Mons Grampius" was fought in this district.

2. See Names of Hills etc on adjoining page. B. Render Corp. R.E. [Corporal Royal Engineers]

"The nature of a country will always in a great degree determine the general prin-
ciples upon which every war there must be conducted. In the course of many years, a
morassy Country may be drained, one that was originally Covered with wood may be
laid open, or an open country may be afterwards inclosed, yet while the ranges of
mountains, the long extended valleys, and remarkable rivers continue the same, the
reasons of war cannot essentially change. Hence it will appear evident, that what
with regard to situation was an advantageous post, when the Romans were carrying
on their Military operations in Britain, must, in all essential respects continue to be a
good one now proper allowances being made for the difference of [Arms] and other
changes [continued on page 104]

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