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been compared with the Plan of this Camp as shewn in "Roy's Military Antiquities Plate 50".
General Roy's Plan is pretty good on the North, East, and West Sides, but very much in error
on the South side, of the Six gates and their defences as Shewn on Roy's Plan not a vestige
remains nor could I meet with any person who remembers seeing them.-
There is nothing definite about the origin of this Camp, some suppose it to be British, or Caledonian,
and others consider it to be Roman. Its irregular formation would lead to the supposition
that it was a British or Caledonian Post originally, and that after the defeat of Galgacus it was
probably occupied by the Romans, The summit of Garrison Hill commands a very extensive
view. "Kempstone Hill", "Hill of Megray", and the Bay of Stonehaven can be clearly seen from
it also the valley through which the Slug Road runs for a considerable distance, for
a Camp, or Post of observation for an army, a more likely place could not have been chosen.
The undermentioned Roman Remains are Said to have been found in and around
the Camp and neighbourhood.
[In margin] Viz.
Spears and other descriptions of Arms were found by R. Barclay Esqr of Ury, (the Father of the
late Captain Barclay,) and deposited by him in the advocates Library Edinburgh.
Axle of Chariot found in the ditch of the Camp. It is about 4 inches in diameter and is much
Corroded. It is preserved in the Museum of Marischal College Aberdeen.
A Chariot Wheel about 3 feet in diameter was found at the Camp by the late Mr Hepburn of
Rickarton and presented by him to the late Colonel Duff. This Wheel is preserved in Fetteresso Castle,
also Springs of a Chariot found at the same time that the wheel was discovered, these
are also preserved in Fetteresso Castle.
An Iron Battle Axe was found on the farm of 'Monboys' not far from the Camp, this is in
possession of Mr. R Duthie Stonehaven.
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