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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Jack's Corse Jackis Corse
Jack's Field
Jack's Corse
Jack's Corse
Latin Charter of Royalty of Inverbervie 1595
Copy Draught of Common of Bervie 1788
Mr Alexander Carr (Baillie Bervie)
Mr Robert Glegg (Baillie Bervie)
024.04 This name is not known by any person, but it is supposed to be the place mentioned in the Royal Charter, and called Jack's Field on Copy Draught of Common, and the authorities quoted are of this opinion
It is very probable that in ancient times when the Roman Catholic religion was the religion of the land, that a cross or rood stood here, as it is a very likely place for such an emblem, being situated on the summit of a hill over which the main road from Bervie to Laurencekirk passes, and not far from the Monastery of Inverbervie from which the hill can be seen. There are the remains of a large Cairn here where it is probable that the cross might be erected. The above is only supposition as I can not obtain any information on the subject, but the age of the name, its derivation, and the Situation and appearance of the ground, are all in favor of the above supposition. B. Render Corp. R.E. [Corporal Royal Engineers] 27/11/63
Banff Burn Banff Burn
Banff Burn
Banff Burn
Banff Burn
Bamffs Burn
Mr Francis Jolly (Kirkton)
Mr John Thomson (Arbuthnott)
Mr Robert Watson (Cowford)
Mr Alexander Carr (Baillie Bervie
Royal Charter of Burgh of Inverbervie 1595
024.04 This Stream is formed by drains &c. issuing from, and near Banffhill, it is known by this name to a place called the Hare Den, near Backhill of Peattie from this place to the Bervie Water it is best known as Hareden Burn

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Parish of Bervie

Jack's Corse [Note] "Cors, Corse. The cross or rood, A crucifix. Market place from the cross being formerly erected there." (Jamieson)

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