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Howe of Corrichie Howe of Corrichie
Howe of Corrichie
Howe of Corrichie
Mr. John Davidson Factor Crathes
Mr. James Stewart Inspector of Poor
Mr. Robert Anderson Banchory
001.12 A large hollow in the centre of the Hill of Fare, the scene of a battle between "Queen Mary's forces under the Earl of Moray and the Earl of Huntly" resulting in the defeat and death of the latter.
Site of Battle 1562 between the forces of Queen Mary and the Earl of Huntly 001.12 "In 1562 was fought a battle between Queen Mary's forces, under the Earl of Moray, and the Earl of Huntly, in the 'Howe of Corrichie', a glen in the hill of Fare. The place at first view seems but a small opening, giving vent to a torrent on the southern side of the hill; but turning rather abruptly to the left, it presents a spacious hollow about two miles in length, stretching into the very centre of the hill; with steep sides and a marshy bottom. 'Vpoun the xxviij [28] of October, "says the "Diurnal of Occurents" (p. [page] 73. Ed. [Edition] 1833) 'my lord of Huntlie was lyand with ane army of his folkis at Lochskene, to the number of viijc [800] men, to have cumin aganies my lord of Murray and otheris quha was with the Queen's grace ("on her return from Inverness") and counsalit her hirnes [hienes] to put the said earle to the horne. The gentilmen of the cuntrey passed the samyn day furth of Abirdene in thair best array; and efter thay haid chaisit the erle Huntlie and his cumpany sex myles fra Lochskene, to ane place callit Corrichie, and skarmischand with him" ( the fire of the arquebusses drove him to the low marshy level of the 'Howe' and nearly the half of his followers left him in the night previous to the battle. Most of the country people, however, favoured [him]; and many in the ranks of his enemies had been corrupted by his means:) thay send word to my lord of Murray to come with the Louthiane
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