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SGEIREAN NA CLEITE Sgeirean na Cleite
Sgeirean na Cleite
Messrs John, Duncan & Donald Macpherson Factor & Sons Isle of Eigg.
Revd. [Reverend] J. Sinclair Manse of Eigg
073 Applies to two flat rocks below high-water mark Situated a Short distance from the beach on the South east Side of 'Galmisdale Point" & a quarter of a mile N.E. [North East] of "Rudh an Tancaird" English meaning Rocks of the Rocky eminence.
UAMH FHRAING Uamh Fhraing Messrs John, Duncan & Donald Macpherson Factor & Sons Isle of Eigg.
Revd. [Reverend] J. Sinclair Manse of Eigg
073 This noted Cave has a very narrow opening through which one Could hardly Creep on his knees & hands. It rises Steep & lofty within & runs into the Bowels of the earth to the depth of 255 measured feet; the height at the entrance may be about threefeet, but rises with to 18 or 20, & the breadth may vary in the Same proportions. The side & Stoney bottom of this Cave is strewed with bones of Men, Women & Children, the Sad relics of the ancient inhabitants of the Island 200 in number; Who were Slain on the following Occasion:- The Macdonalds of the Isle of Eigg, a people dependent on Clan-Ronald, had done some injury to the Laird of Mac-Leod. The tradition of the Isle Says, that it was by a personal attack on the Chieftain in which his back was broken. But that of the other Isles bears, more probably, that injury was offered to two or three of the Mac-Leods Who, landing upon Eigg, & using Some freedom with the young Women, were Seized by the Islanders, bound hand & foot & turned adrift in a boat which the winds & waves Safely Conducted to Skye. To avenge the offense given, McLeod Sailed with Such a body of men as rendered resistance hopeless. The natives, fearing the vengeance Concealed themselves in this Cavern, & after a Strict Search the McLeods went on board their Galleys after doing what mischief they Could, Concluding the inhabitants had left the Isle, & betaken themselves to the long Island or Some of Clan Ronald's other possessions. But next morning they espied from the vessels a man upon the [Continued p. 23]

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Sheet 73 -- Island of Eigg -- Parish of Small Isles -- County of Inverness

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