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SCHOOL [Marishader] School (Boys & Girls, Mr. McLean,
Mr. Colquhoun, Gaelic Teacher, Marishadder,
Mr. McDonald Garrafad,
008 This school is situated in the district of Marrishadder It is one storey in height, thatched, and in a state unfit to live in. There is an average attendance of 45. scholars, boys, & girls. It is designated the Gaelic school and nothing but Gaelic is supported to be taught. on Captain Frasers property.
DÙN RAISABURG Dùn Raisaburg Mr. McLean,
Mr. Colquhoun,
Mr McDonald,
008 This name applies to what is supposed to have been a Danish Fort. It was built in a circular shape with walls about eight feet in thicKness, and a passage in centre of wall capable of admitting a man all round it. This and Dungreanan, on the margin of "Loch Mealt" were built in the Same style, and resemble much the Pictish Towers of Sutherlandshire.

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