List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
DÙN CONNAVERN Dùn Connavern Mr McLean,
Mr. McDonald,
Mr. McKenzie,
008 This name applies to the ruins of what is supposed to have been a Danish Fort. It is situated on a rocKy Knoll a short distance to the sout-west of the districtof Herishadar, the walls were of great thicKness but are now level with the ground. on Captain Frasers property.
HERISHADER Herishader Mr. McLean, Clachan East Side,
Mr. MacDonald Garragad, Eastside,
Mr McKenzie, Garrafad, Eastside.
008 This name applies to a small district on which there are two or three Croft houses, each one storey in height thatched, and in very poor repair, on Captain Frasers property.

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