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CHURCH (Quoad Sacra) [Clachan] Church (Quoad Sacra) Mr. McLean.
Mr. McDonald.
Mr McKenzie.
Oliver & Boyd's Almanac. 1875.
007 This Church is situated at the East side of the parish of Kilmuir and in the Quoad Sacra parish of Stenscholl There are a few acres of Glebe lands attached, most of which, is a gift in perpetuity from the late Lord MacDonald of Armadale Castle, SKye. There is sittings for about three hundred. Captain Fraser, proprietor.
MANSE [Quoad Sacra; Clachan] Manse Mr. McLean.
Mr. McDonald.
Mr McKenzie.
007 A neat building one storey in height slated and in good repair, on Captain Frasers property.

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Isle of SKye -- Parish of Kilmuir

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