List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
KILMARTIN (Burial Ground) Kilmartin Mr. McLean. Clachan.
Mr McKenzie. Clachan.
Mr Mcdonald, Garrafad.
007 This name applies to an old Graveyard situate in the district of Clachan, There are a number of ruins where the old church is supposed to have stood, but nothing is Known about it in the neighbourhood, on Captain Frasers property.
DÙN SMÀIL Dùn Smail Mr McLean.
Mr McDonald.
Mr McKenzie.
007 This name applies to a Craggy Knoll on which it said there once stood a Danish Fort, indistinct traces of a building can just be traced, but nothing is definitely Known of its origin. Captain Frasers property.
CLACHAN Clachan Mr. McLean.
Mr. McDonald.
Mr. McKenzie.
007; 008 a small district on which there are a number of Croft houses each one storey in height thatched and in bad repair. Captain Fraser proprietor.

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Isle of SKye -- Parish of Kilmuir

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It is the principal Burial ground for the district, "Kilend" rarely being used.

Enough evidence Could not be obtained as to the probability of a Church or Chapel, ever having been here. It is mere suppostition but the place is Known all over the district as "Kilmartin"

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