List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
AN CORRAN An Corran L. MacKay.
William McLean.
Mr. Munro.
007 This name signifies The nook or Point and applies to a point on the S. E [South East] of Staffin Bay, and on the South of Staffin Island. Captain Frasers property.
BROGAIG Brogaig L. MacKay.
William McLean.
Hector Munro.
007 This name applies to a small district on which there are about twenty Croft houses, each one, storey in height, thatched, and in very bad repair. Captn [Captain] Frasers property.

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Isle of Skye -- Parish of Kilmuir

River Brogaig [crossed out] For Authorities & description See 6 Inch Name Book - Block No. 1

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