List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
LÒN DELISTA Lòn Delista Revd [Reverend] J. McKenzie
Revd [Reverend] A. Martin
Alexander McKenzie
006 A small stream running north West out of the district of Delista & entering a large drain in what formerly was a Loch English translation obscure Scandinavian
EILEAN CHALUIM CHILLE Eilean Chaluim Chille Site of Monastery Revd [Reverend] J. McKenzie
Revd [Reverend] A. Martin
Alexander McKenzie
006 Applies to a ruin on what was formerly an Island in a large Loch now drained, it is said to have been a monastery built by St Columba. English transclation Callums Kils Island
Site of MONASTERY [Eilean Chaluim Chille] 006 The foundation of this Monastery Can be distinctly traced but there are no remains [initials]
FEAULL Feaull Revd [Reverend] J. McKenzie
Alexander McKenzie
James Urquhart
003; 006; 007 A small district of pasture & arable and cottages of one storey thatched & in bad repair it is situated north east of Balgown & is the property of Captain W Fraser

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