List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
SÌTHEAN NÉILL Sithean Néill Revd [Reverend] John McKenzie.
Revd [Reverend] A. Martin
Lauchlin macKay.
004 This name signifies "Neils green Knoll", and applied to a rocKy Knoll Situated on the east side of Kilmaluig River. On Captain Fraser's property.
TOBAR NA CAIRIDH Tobar na Cairidh Revd [Reverend] John McKenzie
Revd [Reverend] A. Martin
Lauchlin macKay
004 This name signifies "Well of the weir" and applied to a spring well Situated a little to the east of Kilmaluig Inn, on Captain Frasers property.
CREAGAN TIGH A' BHÀIRD Creagan Tigh a' Bhàird Revd [Reverend] John McKenzie. E.C. [Established Church] Manse, Kilmuir
Revd [Reverend] Angus Martin E.C. [Established Church] Manse, Snizort.
Lauchlin macKay Crofter Balmaeguien, Kilmaluag.
004 This name signifies the "Poets North little rocky hill applies to a small Knoll or hillock Situates a short distance to the South east of Kilmaluig Inn, on Captain Fraser's property.

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