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RUDHA ROSSEL Rudha Rossel Johnston's map
Don Beaton Loch Skiport
051 This name Signifies "Rocky Point", and applies to a little headland half a mile South of Uisinish light house. Property of J. Gordon Esquire, Cluny Castle.
Ben Ghoade
Neil McIntyre, Howbeg
A A Carmichael Esq
Johnston's map
Neil McIntyre Howbeg
051 This name signifies "Goats Mill", it is situated about a mile south west of the light House. Property of J. Gordon, Esquire, Cluny Castle.

Transcriber's notes

The name ALLT MILE FEALA and all entries in this line are crossed out, with Cancel written under the crossed-out name. In the description, Honey may refer to honesuckle, as one gaelic word for this is similar to feala.
Description was This name signifies "Stream of the Honey" [difficult to be sure of spelling] and applies to a small having [ no word given between small and having ] its source aout half a mile to the South West of Uisinish Light House and flowing into [" Bagh na Ralla," these words are very faint, last word difficult to decipher, as if pencil then rubbed out] [all of this description is crossed out]

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