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Maragay Island
Morghaidh Bheag
Morogheidh Bheag
Mr M Millan
J McSweyn Ground Officer
Blacks Map
A A Carmichael Esqr
Admiralty chart
045 This name applies to a small heathy Island situated about half a mile East of the North Eastern point of Benbecula. Its meaning is obscure
John Gordon Esqr. of Cluny Proprietor
MARAGAY MORE Maragay more
M(Meikle) Maragay
Morghaidh Mhor
General Usage
Johnston's Map
Admiralty chart
045 This name applies to the Southern & larger of two islands on the North East Coast of Benbecula

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Maragay Beg : the last two modes of spelling have been cross referred to the last two authorites by means of arrows.

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