List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
POLL A' CHOIRE BHIG Poll a' Choire Bhig Nel McIntyre, Howbeg
A. A. Carmichael, Esq.
D. Beaton
051 The name signifies Creek of the "Free or Open Passage", and applies to a small creek on the South Side of "L. [Loch] Skiport and a little to the South West of "Shellay Beag." property of J, Gordon Esquire, Cluny Castle, Aberdeenshire.
EILEAN NAN EACH Eilean nan Each
Horse Island
Neil McIntyre, Howbeg.
A A Carmichael Esq
Admiralty Chart
051 This name signifies "Horse Island", and applies to a small island situated between "Rudha Houclett" and "Shellay Mor", property of J. Gordon, Esquire, Cluny Castle, Aberdeenshire.
RUDHA HOUCLETT Rudha Houclett Neil McIntyre, Howbeg.
Donald Beaton, Loch Skiport
051 This name signifies "Rough " Rocky Point" and applies to a prominent headland of the South Side of "Loch Skiport", property of John Gordon Esquire, Cluny Castle,

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